Squerist Agile Advent Calender

Agile Advent Calendar – 13 December

An Advent Calendar is a special calendar that counts the days to remind us that Christmas is approaching. This year we are counting down by sharing Practices for that might benefit you as Agile coach, Scrum master or Agile practitioner. Today’s tip is:


Tip 13: Built quality in, have a discussion on what quality is and how it can be achieved.
Within Agile Quality is non-negotiable. Everything we finish should be of sufficient quality. But how do we build quality in? We can test a lot, but we’ll be far more effective if we design our feedback loops in the development lifecycle. In order to do so, we should understand when and how errors can be detected and agree on what we do when quality is insufficient. I hear a lot about shift-left and test automation, great. Additionally, I believe that many organizations will benefit from having mature dialogues about Built-in Quality feedback loops. If you want to learn more, watch the BIQ story: Built-in Quality a multi-level challenge.

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