Squerist Agile Advent Calender

Agile Advent Calendar – 18 December

An Advent Calendar is a special calendar that counts the days to remind us that Christmas is approaching. This year we are counting down by sharing practices that might benefit you as Agile coach, Scrum master or Agile practitioner. Today’s tip is:


Tip 18: Spent time on ‘fun’ sessions, esp. when working in distributed team and when working from home.
This year we all have been working from home a lot. Many teams that I work with miss the social interaction. I notice a growing need to do something informal and engaging with fellow team members. Help the team to free time and have these sessions. Preferably they organize it themselves, but as an Agile Coach you can help by creating awareness, raising the topic to identify the need and suggest work forms. You can do a two truth and a lie session, an online Pictionary or meet in an online escape room. There are many options.

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