Squerist Agile Advent Calender

Agile Advent Calendar – 20 December

An Advent Calendar is a special calendar that counts the days to remind us that Christmas is approaching. This year we are counting down by sharing practices that might benefit you as Agile coach, Scrum master or Agile practitioner. Today’s tip is:


Tip 20: Balance your distributed teams.
Have an eye for the balance within your distributed teams. Are you aware of the composition of your distributed teams? Are both the onshore and the offshore team able to operate independently? Maybe skills are not distributed evenly. E.g. when all testers or BA’s are on one side. Be aware that when the power balance is uneven, cultural aspects might become a factor. E.g. I was working with a team where the PO, the Business and the BA are all in the onshore team. The testers indicated never to attend a review session and were just testing what was thrown over the wall. They humble accepted the situation but were not really involved with the team. Be aware and raise the topic. Distributed teams should be balanced in order to become a team.

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