Squerist Agile Advent Calender

Agile Advent Calendar – 23 December

With the end of the year approaching fast, I would like to countdown the days until Christmas with you together. We already uncovered 22 Practices and I hope they inspired you and triggered some ideas of your own. With only two Practices left, today I love to share tip 23 with you:


Tip 23: Have eye for the undercurrent.
It is sometimes tempting to look at the mechanical and visible aspects of the agile way of working. I heard an agile coach yesterday stating that Scrum is a lot about process and therefor creates a focus on the events rather than the mind-set. Whether this is true or not often there is often a strong focus on doing agile and the tangible ceremonies and events. But the culture and personal perceptions are of great influence in the adoption of agile and the success of the transformation. So try to emphasis the why of agile and give the people around you feedback on the way they apply the agile principles and mindset. But, additionally take into account that embracing agile is a change process. That means people will go through a process where they have to adapt new ways and have to let go of old habits. They might be uncertain about their new role, feel that a safety net has been taken away and may even been based against agile. These personal perceptions cannot be ignored since they the success for a great deal.

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