Agile: Focus on Customer Value

Putting the customer first and learning what defines value to them is an essential element for organisations who want to distinguish themselves by creating a connection with their customers. Agile methods have contributed to the agility of a company and enable it to produce fast solutions. By doing this, they are able to generate advantages for themselves by offering a fitting solution to their customers, who will then have the ability to give feedback. The Agile frameworks offer a structure to help companies deal with constant changes. By accomplishing this, teams will be able to deliver more customer value and become more predictable.


Our specialists guide your organisation in the process of embracing the Agile method as well as the Agile mindset.

Agile Transformation

Our specialists guide organisations through their Agile Transformation by optimising the Agile way of working. Our specialists will assist you in your Agile journey through different layers in our society. We do this by going through the entire process from creating awareness regarding the intended change to implementing the Agile Method. Through coaching, training, and advice, we will put in the effort needed to make Agile work for you. By doing this, we increase your customer value.

Agile Specialists

Do you have a team that needs extra attention or a Product Owner with questions? Do you want to take the next step with your team or department, but are you still looking for the right approach? Read more.

Agile Coaching

Agile is a mindset, a way to create solutions and maximum value for the organization. Agile coaching helps you to apply Agile as well as possible. An Agile coach is specialized in explaining and guiding teams to go through the transformation to Agile as well as possible. Read more.


Test automatisering

In veel gevallen moeten tests herhaaldelijk worden uitgevoerd. Om tijd te besparen en de kans op menselijke fouten minimaliseren, kan er Test Automatisering toegepast worden. Dit kan voor zowel desktop applicaties als mobile en apps verschillende voordelen opleveren. Onze specialisten helpen je hier graag mee op weg.


Low-Code testen

Je moet anders omgaan met testen bij het ontwikkelen met Low-Code applicaties. Bepaalde risico’s treden bijvoorbeeld niet op bij deze applicaties. Er zijn ook risico’s die bij deze systemen juist hoger zijn. Deze behoeven dus extra aandacht.


Agile testen

Agile is een manier om IT systemen te maken en ontwikkelen. Tijdens het Agile testen werkt Squerist met een klein en multifunctioneel team. Dit betekent dat zowel ontwikkelaars als ontwerpers samenwerken in één team met één gezamenlijk doel.

Our approach to implementing Agile

Squerist does not use a “one size fits all” approach. Instead, we look at your organisation, your teams, your goals, your conditions and your starting points. Moreover, we take a look at your “Agile Maturity”. Based on these results we can provide guidance as to what steps to take and how to prioritise them. We use our own model, which is based on the three waves of Agile.


During the first wave, we teach the basics of Agile activities as well as how to implement them. In the first wave, the focus primarily lies on the team. During the second wave, we take a closer look at the cooperation between the teams. Finally, in the third wave , we focus on optimising the business value. During the three waves, we will pay a lot of attention to developing the Agile mindset within the organisation.

Read more about the three waves of Agile

They Chose Progress

We are happy when you are.

‘We were under a lot of pressure to go live, which meant that a lot of work had to be done in a short amount of time and that communication had to be brief, direct, and quick. The professionals we hired from Squerist proved themselves to be very flexible. They gave up free time in the evenings and during their holidays to supervise and advise on solutions for the go-live process for Avans.’


Claudia Vreeswijk

Product Owner, Avans Hogeschool

‘You can trust Squerist employees with any task of which you can be sure that it gets done correctly. Their willingness to go the extra mile for their client combined with their flexible mindset demonstrates a unique skill set for an external party.’





Wilco Smeets

IT Chapter Lead Daily Use, KNAB

‘The employees and the management of Squerist are creative thinkers that come up with solutions that fit the needs of their clients. They truly listen to your organisation and by doing so they come up with the best possible solutions to the objectives that we have. They are a client-centred organisation.’




Caroline Arkesteijn

Vicepresident, NIBC

Zij kozen al voor vooruitgang

Wij zijn pas tevreden als jij dat ook bent.

De specialisten van Squerist waren hierin zeer flexibel. Zij hebben in de avonden en tijdens de vakantie continu tijd vrijgemaakt om dit proces voor Avans te begeleiden en te adviseren welke oplossingsrichtingen mogelijk waren.


Claudia Vreeswijk

Product Owner, Avans Hogeschool

Lees hier de hele testimonial

De opdrachtgever was blij met deze aanpak omdat we zo zeker wisten dat de interface goed en volledig werkte.
De bijdrage van Squerist in dit team is breder geweest dan de opdracht was. Eigenlijk was de Squerist consultant in de praktijk tevens de kwaliteitsbewaker binnen het team.

Lees hier de hele casestudy

Het succes kwam niet alleen door de testexpertise van Squerist, het kwam ook doordat de Squerist specialisten zowel met management en medewerkers van Enza Zaden als de leverancier goed hebben samengewerkt.


Ruud Groenprojectleider, Enza Zaden

Lees hier de hele testimonial

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