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In modern-day software delivery, a shorter time-to-market and more frequent changes in software and digital products are here to stay. These developments result in less time to thoroughly test. Contrastingly, Agile teams increasingly require software quality. Test Automation is an essential practice for every team. Squerist will even go as far to say that nowadays, no team can do without Test Automation.


In many cases, Test Automation can be very beneficial in achieving the aforementioned goals. Firstly, it rapidly provides insight into the quality of a product thus contributing to the objectives of an Agile organisation. When implemented and applied properly, Test Automation can shorten your time-to-market, give a higher degree of certainty in the event of change, create a higher coverage ratio and provide continuous insight into software performance and quality. Lastly, we do not believe that Test Automation will replace Manual testing. Manual testing will remain essential in order to properly validate delivered features with stakeholders. For more information about our manual testing approach, feel free to take a look at the Agile testing page.

Our vision

Our vision is to help people and organisations in their progress in the field of Test Automation.


How do we put this into practice?


  • We deliver added value to development teams by combining and transferring our professional testing and Test Automation knowledge.
  • Together with management and development teams, we make sure that the requirements for Test Automation are met in order for them to meet their goals.
  • We often see Test Automation succeeding when working with a results-driven plan. We prefer to work in a goal-driven sense instead of a tool-driven sense.

Our approach for Test Automation

Squerist has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of Test Automation. Squerists’ specialists can help you evolve in this field by making the right choices for required architecture, tool selection and implementation as well as with the actual automation of your test scripts. As a starting point, we often use our own Test Automation Readiness Scan.


At Squerist, we combine the shift-left approach with the testing pyramid to work as efficiently and purposefully as possible. Working according to the shift-left approach means the following: If you represent software development from left to right, where left is the design or specification and right is the final working piece of software, then shift-left means that a tester starts testing earlier than only with the final result. Testing is performed earlier in the lifecycle and thus effectively moved to the left on the project timeline. In an Agile or DevOps environment, this often means testing small parts of the software as early as possible rather than at the end of the sprint. Shift-left is less about problem detection and more about problem prevention and software quality mindset.


The testing pyramid


An application usually consists of several layers. The bottom layer is the code layer, followed by the next layer which consists of the integration layer. Finally, the top is referred to as the UI layer. The testing pyramid helps you understand how many tests you should proportionally perform on each of these layers. The width of the pyramid indicates the relative amount of test cases that you work with per layer. By testing as much as possible in the code layer and the integration layer, one avoids risk and larger test efforts in the UI layer. This efficient approach enables us to solve testing problems before they arise. An additional advantage is that this approach blurs the traditional role patterns (i.e., developers, testers) within a development team, which results in increased software quality and more common ground within teams. Moreover, this approach creates a software quality mindset.


For us, effectiveness is combining our professional knowledge with different approaches, applied to your own situation. Think, for example, of the shift-left approach, there is also a lot to be said for this and the increasing degree of supporting AI techniques. So, we are often looking for innovative topics out of passion for our profession to help us succeed in our mission. We would like to talk about what your mission is and how we at Squerist can support you.

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Our solutions

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Test Automation by Squerist

Squerist has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of Test Automation.

Our specialists are experienced with a wide range of tools, approaches and concepts. Furthermore, thanks to their extensive experience, our consultants are capable of deciding which tool best suits your organisation.


Educating users for Test Automation

At Squerist we look at the right fit for your team.

We facilitate in a manner that fits the needs of each individual team. At Squerist we work with a coaching approach. Naturally, at the start of each project, we start with transferring knowledge and skills so they can stand on their own feet as soon as possible. By employing this approach, we truly involve the team in the training becoming autonomous in Test Automation.


Squerist Test Automation Readiness Scan

In order to provide a vantage point for Test Automation, Squerist usually starts by conducting a Test Automation Readiness Scan.

The Squerist Test Automation Readiness Scan is a method that has been developed by our Test Automation specialists. The scan is used to give clients insights into if, and how Test Automation can help them achieve their goals. The scan gives managers an insight into the benefits, limitations, and requirements when they successfully want to implement Test Automation. The scan gives you a good impression of the aspects that need to be arranged in order to successfully implement Test Automation.

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Human organisation

Squerist is a human organisation that really looks for the best possible solution per team.

We start a conversation with the client and take a look at the possibilities together. Based on this conversation, we will set up a plan and look for a solution to the problem. At Squerist, a personal and tailor-made approach is paramount.

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Combining forces

Squerist offers various services.

We can combine these forces. In this way we offer you the best possible service.

Blogs about Test Automation

    They Chose Progress

    We are happy when you are.

    ‘We were under a lot of pressure to go live, which meant that a lot of work had to be done in a short amount of time and that communication had to be brief, direct, and quick. The professionals we hired from Squerist proved themselves to be very flexible. They gave up free time in the evenings and during their holidays to supervise and advise on solutions for the go-live process for Avans.’


    Claudia Vreeswijk

    Product Owner, Avans Hogeschool

    ‘You can trust Squerist employees with any task of which you can be sure that it gets done correctly. Their willingness to go the extra mile for their client combined with their flexible mindset demonstrates a unique skill set for an external party.’





    Wilco Smeets

    IT Chapter Lead Daily Use, KNAB

    ‘The employees and the management of Squerist are creative thinkers that come up with solutions that fit the needs of their clients. They truly listen to your organisation and by doing so they come up with the best possible solutions to the objectives that we have. They are a client-centred organisation.’




    Caroline Arkesteijn

    Vicepresident, NIBC

    Meet Squerist

    We love helping and working with organisations to help them achieve their goals. Our philosophy is that one size rarely fits all. Do you believe that we can help each other out? Or do you simply want to meet for a cup of coffee? Feel free to reach out!

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